Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Jewelry's Best Kept Secret

Secrets have been kept for centuries. Some have even kept secrets in plain sight using jewelry to hold them, but only the one wearing the jewelry knows it’s true meaning and what it may hold. Jewelry has held and kept secrets since the 16th century, when lockets were created to hold memories – tiny photos and tiny love letters or poems. It was a romantic gesture or a way for people to keep a part of someone with them always.

Lockets were also used as family heirlooms, a way to pass down memories for generations to come. Imagine all of the stories that lockets hold. If you were to walk into an antique store, there would probably be several antique lockets hidden among other jewels. When I see antique items in a shop I can’t help but to wonder what stories some pieces hold, who they belonged to and how they ended up in an antique shop in the first place – especially lockets.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t come across any lockets that belonged to your great, great, great grandmother, don’t worry. Lockets are making a come-back this year and they’re just as powerful and meaningful as they were centuries ago. If you’re looking to jump on the locket trend, here’s a starting point. Lockets come in many shapes, sizes and finishes, which makes them all the more personalized and nothing says personal quite like something that can be engraved and holds an intimate message.

Needless to say, it’s a great gift for someone close you, since it’s a very personal item. Fill it with love and memories of happiness and its wearer will be reminded of that personal statement every time they wear it. Lockets can be the perfect gift for any occasion – an anniversary, a birthday, valentine’s day, mother’s day, for bridesmaids, or just because. Print out tiny photos, words or even
fabric pieces to personalize the gift even more.

The locket shown above is one of Hamilton Jeweler’s many engravable pieces. This locket is delicate and makes for the perfect go-to when looking for a minimalist piece and is great to wear every day – there is nothing in your closet that this piece will not look great with. Wear it alone or layer it with other necklaces of various lengths, depending on your style and preference.

The Arabesque Sterling Silver and Diamond Locket gives a new twist to the traditional locket. At first glance it looks like a necklace with some charms decorating the chain, but it’s more than that. Instead of having compartments like it’s traditional counterpart, it can hold images inside the charms that hide behind the first charm. It’s almost as if the first charm provides a window or a peek into the secret that lies beneath it and the third charm holds the most secret item of all. The detail in this necklace is so intricate and delicate, it also makes for a great go-to for any occasion. I would wear this necklace on a night out, to dinner or to dress up any other outfit.

This post is in collaboration with Hamilton Jewelers.


  1. These pieces are so gorgeous!! So cool that you can put images inside!

    xo Kelsey |

  2. this is such beautiful jewellery, I love that Arabesque locket at the bottom; so unique and beautiful!


  3. These pieces are stunning. Love the classic locket look. Beautiful photos!! xx Shannon

  4. That is so so pretty! I love lockets and this one is so unique! Thanks for sharing darling,
    Kat |

  5. That necklace is so pretty! Love the details.


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