Friday, January 20, 2017

How to Get Away With Not Washing Your Hair

Ever wonder how some people always have great looking hair, even though they may only wash their hair 3 times per week? Yeah, same here. If you’ve got naturally oily hair, you know the dread of having to wash and style your hair every single day. Which, is supposedly also unhealthy for your hair.
 How can other girls not wash their hair every day and still look great? That was my question, because having to wake up an hour and half earlier than usual just to get ready for work every day wasn’t cutting it for me. So, besides using dry shampoo or other DIY products in the morning to soak up the grease, I figured that there must be a better way out there.
I found that Dessange, a hair and beauty company, actually makes a great shampoo for naturally oily hair. And the best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere fancy to get it! It’s available right at Target. And, what I didn’t know was that they even make a clay mask that purifies the hair. Could this really be the product I’ve been looking for and needing? Well, I gave it a try! Right there on the label, it read “balancing shampoo”. Could my hair be greasy because it’s unbalanced? I believe it! If you have naturally oily skin and hair, it could be that the oil is just constantly building up and the shampoos to “smooth” out hair are just adding more and more oil to your scalp every day.

When I first tried Dessange, I was thinking that I’d still have to wash my hair every day, because nothing else had really worked. Well, after a couple of uses, I can definitely get away with washing my hair every other day without having to apply dry shampoo. It’s such a great feeling knowing that I can sleep in just a little longer and that my hair won’t look like a grease ball.
You can find Dessange products at Target. 

Thank you Dessange and Allison Brod for sponsoring this post. 

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