Wednesday, January 25, 2017

February Hair Haul + Review

It’s pretty much established that beauty and clothing hauls are the absolute best – who doesn’t like being able to purchase a large amount of clothes or beauty items in one haul?! But, what about hair product hauls? Hair products seem to go almost unnoticed, but they’re just as important as your everyday beauty items. Hair products turn bad hair days into good hair days – provided that you’re using the product to suit your needs.

I teamed up with Sally Beauty to bring you the ultimate Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) day hair haul from So Gorgeous.

One of the biggest issues some may encounter with hair styling is that it gets flat throughout the day. Nobody likes flat, dull hair. Bouncy, full and beautiful locks can be yours, just a spray away. So Gorgeous offers a variety of volumizing sprays and mousses - which is perfect, because you can test out which one is best suited for your needs.

I like to use hair mousse when my hair is freshly washed and still damp. The mousse sets better in damp hair and won’t leave the hair looking greasy or unwashed after its styled. But, I do tend to wash my hair every day or at least every other day, so this is where the mousse comes in handy. To set the volumizing mousse into your hair, apply some mousse to the palm of your hand and lightly comb it through the hair. To get the volumized root look, apply some mousse lightly to the roots and tease it in once dry. You can always set your freshly styled hair with some hair spray to make it last even longer.

If you’re someone who doesn’t wash their hair as often, you should opt for a dry styling technique. So Gorgous’s volumizing spray and powder is great for hair that is already dry - second or third day hair. Spray the hair lightly and at arm’s length to avoid getting clumpy, sticky or greasy looking hair. The best way to get the voluminous look is to apply the spray lightly to the roots and slightly tease the hair. The volumizing powder works just as well and you can avoid the sticky look if possibly spraying too much hair spray is a concern for you. To use the powder, just dap some onto the roots and massage it into your hair. This technique will set the powder into the hair and the massaging motion will create that teasing effect and make your hair more voluminous at the roots.

If you have typically greasy hair and try to go for second day hair, you probably use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is a great tool to use, especially to avoid having bad hair days, but sometimes dry shampoo just doesn’t have the same fresh scent as shampoo does straight out of the shower. I love the way my hair smells after I get out of the shower, and So Gorgeous offers perfume hair spray that gives the same effect as that after-shower smell. When I tried it, I loved the scent immediately and left my second day hair smelling fresh and clean.

Because Valentine's or Galentine's day is just around the corner, I will also be teaming up with Sally Beauty to bring my reader's a So Gorgeous GIVEAWAY!!

The GIVEAWAY will be hosted on my instagram, so make sure you don't miss the post. 

Today’s post is in collaboration with Sally Beauty. 


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