Thursday, November 3, 2016

Unlikely Duo

If you haven't noticed, chambray is one of my favorite color challenges..

When I used to work retail, one of the most common questions was, "well, what do you wear this color with?" The answer is super simple: ANYTHING! So far, there isn't a color that doesn't look right paired with chambray. The most common color combinations to pair with chambray are black, white, yellow and any nude color – but if you want to break away from that norm, keep reading.

Olive pairs so well with chambray because of its neutral tones. Neutral colors are easier to pair with other colors, because they blend with many other colors. In case you need a recap of what colors are considered neutral, they are white, black, navy, and any shade of nude. Since the chambray can be considered a lighter shade of navy, it can also be considered a neutral. So, if you think of it that way, it’s super simple, right? Just think of colors you would pair with neutral colors like cream or brown and white and substitute those neutral colors with chambray. I bet you’ll be surprised with what you can come up with.

Chambray seems to have earned a spot in every fashionista’s closet as a staple item. If you haven’t considered chambray as a staple or neutral piece, you should reconsider. Make a spot for it right between your favorite stripes and your favorite navy pieces.

Necklace is from Earthbound Trading

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