Sunday, November 13, 2016

The basics of Layering

Having trouble layering your clothes for fall and winter? I’ll show you how to master the biggest fall and winter trend.

If you’re an avid Pinterest or Instagram user, you probably noticed all the layering inspo spreading like wildfire. Layering clothes is a must for fashionistas during fall and winter months. Why? Firstly, layering can definitely help keep you warm and bundled up during cool, frigid months. Second, layering can help your outfit look more chic and defined.

Everyone makes it look so easy, but the truth of the matter is – it’s not. Layering can be tough for most, and that was one of the challenges that I saw when I worked retail. I would get multiple questions a day about how to layer sweaters, cardigans and even dusters. Most people just purchase sweaters and wear them alone, either because that’s how they like it or because they just simply do not know how to layer it.

When layering, it’s important to keep patterns, colors and garment thickness in mind. You don’t want to layer a thick sweater under a tight-sleeved jacket or shirt – your arms will feel constrained and you’ll be extremely uncomfortable. Think of garment thickness like this: thinnest layer on the bottom -> thickest and loosest layer on top.

Now that you’ve got that down, let’s talk about layering with colors. If you’re a layering beginner, stick to colors that would typically go together or colors that you would typically pair together. Nothing says fashion tragedy quite like layering colors that do not look good together at all. Neutrals paired with colorful items or other neutrals is always a good idea.

In this post, I layered a long, camel colored sweater under my favorite slightly oversized denim jacket. The jacket was loose enough to layer over one of my favorite fall pieces, which is great. Denim jackets make great layering items, because the neutral color can go with just about anything you already have in your closet, plus the denim jacket should already be one of your closet staples.

Black skinny denim keeps the attention on the contrasting yellow-blue colors on top and the greyish nude color of the over the knee boots. You can try the oversized layering look with a pair of leggings if you’re looking for a comfy-chic look. The over the knee boots are a different shade than the sweater, but they’re still in the same color family. Try playing around with different shades of the same color and see what you can come up with and what looks good on you.

Layering over-sized sweaters and jackets is just one type of layering that you’ll come across this fall and winter. You can layer sweaters and jackets with other clothing items that will work just as well. Keep an eye out for future posts so you can go from layering beginner to layering pro.


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