Tuesday, November 15, 2016

All About Phlur

Ever wonder why that expensive department store fragrance never seems to last throughout the day?

If you find yourself always having to spray your favorite scent throughout the day, it’s because they just do not last. But, how can such a tiny bottle of perfume cost so much and not last all day?  It’s because those large and very expensive perfume companies make their fragrances specifically to smell good and last on paper.

Think about it: You’re perusing through your favorite department store when someone reaches out and hands you a tiny piece of paper, scented with whatever it is they have to sell for the day. If the scent smelled bad on paper, would you buy it? Would you be purposely perusing through the perfume section, sniffing every perfume bottle until you found a new scent for yourself? No, you’re most likely shopping for those new designer shoes.

Also, think about this: When you’re flipping through your favorite fashion magazine, like every fashionista would, how many perfume ads are in there? They seem to pop up every couple of pages or so and they all have that little slit where you’re supposed to pull out the paper to be able to sniff the scent hidden under there.

This is where PHLUR stands out from all the rest- they make their fragrances specifically to smell nice on you. All of our bodies are completely different. We’ve been hearing that a lot lately, especially because of the body positivity movement. But, not only do all of our bodies look different, they also smell different. Not in a bad way. When you spray perfume on your body, the chemicals in your body can alter the way that perfume smells. And that’s part of what PHLUR takes into consideration when designing their scents.

So, does PHLUR really smell that nice? I tried out three different scents from PHLUR and although I really liked all three, there was one that stood out to me the most -  Olmsted and Vaux. The scent is soft, elegant, and stayed on all day without being overpowering. Plus, you know you smell good when someone stops you in the grocery store to ask you where you got your perfume from.

What I also really like about PHLUR is that they offer smaller perfume samples that you can use to test out their fragrances or use as travel sized perfume vials. When you purchase this small $10.00 tester, they’ll take off the $10.00 when you’re ready to purchase a larger one. So, it’s a win-win if you ask me!

Thank you to Phlur and Alison Brod for sponsoring this post

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