Monday, October 31, 2016

Tunics, Boots, & Rips

We can all agree that there’s nothing more comfortable than wearing leggings or those favorite pjs/lay around the house clothes. But, you do have to leave the house and you do have to attend social gatherings once in a while, otherwise you might just go crazy. It’s a little difficult sometimes to finally get up and get dressed, even if you’re just running some quick errands, but slipping on something a little dressier than your usual pajamas or leggings is refreshing.  

How to look chic running errands while feeling comfy at the same time

Looking chic shouldn’t feel like another chore. If anything, it should make you feel happy and more energetic. If you’re looking to escape the house due to cabin fever or need to run those errands, try throwing on a long, flowy top such as a tunic. Flow tops and sweaters are always in, especially with some skinny denim or even thick leggings. You’ll instantly feel better about leaving the house feeling comfy and stylish. One main reason we want to wear lounging clothes out to run errands is because we feel lethargic and maybe even a little uncomfortable. Long, flowy sweaters and tops help relieve the feeling of lethargy and will boost your self-confidence.

So, leggings or denim? It depends on what you personally feel comfortable in. I don’t typically like to walk out of the house wearing leggings unless I’m wearing a dress or skirt. If I want to go for the leggings look I’ll opt for my favorite black skinny denim – they give the appearance of leggings, but the denim gives more structure. If you’re all up for leggings under a long, flowy top, go for it. If not, your favorite denim will work perfectly fine.

If you’re going for an effortlessly chic look, skinny denim with booties or riding boots will do just fine. If you’re looking for a more dramatic appearance to run errands, try a wide-leg or flare denim with some high heeled booties. The contrast in the leg will elongate your legs and will be sure to make you stand out. I always love going for the destroyed denim – they help add that little more “less” to the effortless look while maintaining that sense of style.

Heeled booties and flat booties both work for this look – just be yourself and be comfortable with what you’re wearing. Going from usually wearing flats or tennis shoes every day to wearing heels to the grocery store can make you feel super out of place and uncomfortable. If you typically wear flats, then opt for lower heeled or flat booties. Roll your skinny denim up at the ankle so that the cuff is just above where your booties hit.


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