Monday, October 10, 2016

The Old South West

Are you intrigued with style from different generations and eras? Do you wish you could dress in clothing from a certain time period? Maybe you truly believe you should’ve lived in a certain era just to get to wear the fashion they did. Well, just because we’re well into 2016 doesn’t mean you have to wear clothes being presented by the large fashion industry. 

Taking inspiration from previous fashion trends and incorporating them into this era has always been a favorite of mine. Recently, I’ve been inspired by the old west – the era of the cowboys. I had never paid much attention to this era before moving to Texas, but now that this rustic style is everywhere, it has certainly caught my attention. I wouldn’t say that you are going to catch me wearing cowgirl boots every day, but I have taken some inspiration from their fashion choices as of late.

One of my favorite items to wear, inspired this era, are my t-shirt dresses. I know, I know- T-shirt dresses? That’s totally a 21st century thing. But, it’s what you can do with a t-shirt dress that makes it so appealing.

Layered skirts and dresses  were definitely what made their outfits back then.

So, how can we layer our skirts and dresses now without looking totally odd? One of my favorite ways to layer my t-shirt dresses this fall is to wear them with a belted open cardigan. You don’t need to go out and purchase new clothes to do this, all you need is your favorite t-shirt dress and your favorite open cardigan. If you have a waist belt, perfect- if not, tie a loose belt around your waist into a knot.

Neutral colors are best for that older era feel, and walking around this old abandoned train station really gave me that feeling.  Booties and a rustic statement necklace will help complete your old southwest inspired look together.



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