Thursday, October 6, 2016

Denim Days

For me, Fall in Texas is the perfect time to go out and explore new places, do more outdoor things and just enjoy the beautiful weather. It's perfect, because it's not too hot and it's not too cool out. So, what do you wear to go exploring during that in-between type of weather?

I found that my favorite pair of denim for the in-between weather are my ripped, destroyed frayed denim. They are the perfect weight, not too heavy and not super light- just right for that cool breeze. The destroyed denim also gives the outfit a little more of a playful look. You are exploring the town after all, right?

Pair the playful denim with your favorite and most comfortable booties. If you're not okay with a heel for exploring the town, then opt for a flat bootie or even your favorite chucks or sherries. They'll still pull your look together and are perfect for wandering around, looking for the coolest spots around town.

So, you've got the denim and shoes part down, but what about the rest?

Well, if the weather is kind of in-between, you'll probably want to go with a lighter weight or even sheer top. Even if the weather is cooler than usual, you might end up warming yourself up a little too much if you walk around all afternoon or all day.

The sweater I'm wearing on my little adventure around a historic downtown is sheer, but not enough to be noticed as so. It's so lightweight that I can wear it when it's seventy degrees outside and I can layer it when the weather starts to really cool down.

Exploring a new town doesn't have to mean that you need to dress like you wouldn't normally dress in your daily life. In other words, if you always dress up in your day-to-day life, don't dull it down just because you feel like you need to. I always like to feel good, and sometimes that means wearing what I really enjoy.

How I accomplished this? I matched my bag to my booties, which boosted the look a bit further and made it more polished and put-together. I also kept my usual jewelry on - the watch and one of my go-to casual necklaces at the moment.



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