Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dress up your romper

How to dress up your romper this summer:

Rompers are perfect for hot summer days. They’re flowy and can help you feel less uncomfortable in the summer heat, because they don’t stick to your body the way denim shorts will. Plus, you can just slip one on without having to worry about what pants or top you’re going to pair.

Rompers are also great for any occasion, whether it’s for going to the beach, hanging out with your friends, or going to a dinner party. I’ve covered rompers and jumpsuits before, from layering to picking out a romper that’s right for you. So, how do you dress up a romper if you’re wanting to wear it out to dinner or for a date night?

My first thought would be to throw on some heels or wedges to instantly pump up your romper and take it to the next step. Heels can help take any outfit from casual to business casual, which is considered kind of dressy or dressy enough to wear out to dinner.

So now that you’ve got the heels down, it’s time to start thinking of other ways to dress up a romper if you don’t want to wear heels or wedges. A blazer is another great outfit staple to have. If you have any blazer that is light enough for spring and especially summer, pair it with your favorite romper. The blazer will take your romper from casual to business casual instantly.

For this romper, I chose to go with a light, neutral blazer. A black blazer would have also matched, but not with the shoes I had already picked out and wanted to wear. The light neutral color of the blazer yells summer, especially paired with the espadrille wedges. 

Because this romper already comes paired with a matching belt, I decided to leave it alone since I was adding the blazer on top. I didn’t want to draw too much attention to the waist area since the romper is already patterned.

You could style the romper with your own waist belt if you had a romper the same color or similar to the blazer you’re wearing. This will break up the colors in a great way and help you look more styled.

Since I decided not go with the waist belt, I added a small statement necklace to pull the look together. Choose one that complements your romper and blazer. 


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