Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Casually Cool in Romantic Tops

Keeping your outfits casually cool with Romantic tops has totally been in this summer, and it will most likely flow into your pre-fall and even fall wardrobe collection.

So, what exactly is a romantic top? If you think back to your literature or history class, you may remember discussing the romantic era. The romantic era took place between 1800 and 1850 and it was an artistic, literary, musical and intellectual time period. So, if you can imagine that, you'd probably picture long flowy gowns, peasant tops, lace-up tops, and maybe even some bell sleeve tops.

I love romantic tops. Here's why:

  • Flowy tops are my favorite, especially during the warm seasons. They feel breezy and aren't as constraining as tight-fitting tops. Flowy tops can also be dressed down or up, depending on how you wear them. 
  • Lace, crochet  and embroidery always looks so chic to me, especially on a neutral flowy top. The intricate details seem to take the outfit to the next level and adds a little more, especially if you like to keep your accessories light. 
How do you wear romantic tops, then? 

Keep it casual:
If you're keeping it casual, getting some ice cream, going to the movies, hanging out with your girlfriends, or even going on a casual date with your guy, just pair your romantic top with your favorite denim. My favorite denim is a true blue and is frayed at the hem.

Keep your accessories neutral and not too bright. If you're wearing a romantic top that has a lot of detail in it, you'll want to keep your accessories neutral so the two don't seem to compete against one another. Neutral accessories are always a good idea for keeping it casual.

Wear your favorite pair of vintage inspired shoes or wedge sandals. Ankle strap sandals are also a good idea.

If you want to really push the romantic vibes, try doing your hair in a messy braid or loose curls.


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