Friday, July 8, 2016

Live, Laugh, Summertime

One of my favorite things about summer is white lace florals, destroyed denim and espadrilles. Something that is definitely not on my go-to list in the summer are different hats. Unless I’m at the beach or relaxing out by the pool. But, you never know what kind of weather we could have these days, so I was able to pull this straw hat out of my closet for today’s adventures. 

Even though it wasn't as hot out as it normally is in Texas during the summer, the sun was still bright as soon as I stepped outside. So, what better way to shield your eyes and head from the hot summer sun? A cute hat of course! 

I've had this hat for quite sometime now, and I usually save it for pool or beach days, since it's perfect to shield the sun from hitting your eyes, but to also avoid getting those weird sunglass tan lines. Been there, done that! And I'm sure you probably have, too. If not, probably pretty close.

The neutral color of the hat goes with just about any swimsuit you already own, so that's not an issue. Especially if you like to match everything your wearing together.


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