Friday, July 22, 2016

All White for Summer & Pre-Fall

Wearing all white for summer has been a huge hit thus far. Have you tried it? Would you try it?
I have always wanted to go for the monochromatic look, but white always seemed too daring. How could I wear all white all day long? Also, why is it that when I wear white, I always have a craving for something like pasta, or hot wings?

Well, I decided to just go for it and it was actually really fun! Wearing all white felt kind of relaxing, actually, and the weather didn't seem so hot probably due to the waves bouncing off of me instead of being absorbed by bright colors and patterns. I still felt refreshed and energized.

Some may think that wearing a monochromatic look is boring, because you're wearing an outfit that is literally all one color. But, it doesn't have to be. You can mix up your monochromatic look by adding textures, or changing up the different shades of that color that you want to go monochromatic with.

For example, the top I'm wearing in this post has a crochet neckline with an intricate design. This adds a little bit of summer-time beach-y feels to the outfit. Opting for a top with a texture as simple as lace or crochet can instantly boost up your monochromatic outfit.

Another way to give your monochromatic outfit a boost is to pump it up with a small pop of color. Here, I'm wearing my SoloHope Daffodil necklace and bracelet in yellow and pale blue. You can always opt for a pop of gold or silver, which match any monochromatic outfit combo you want to pair together.

In case you haven't been shopping much lately, or aren't really up to speed on trends  or what's happening in the fashion world, you can now shop pre-fall items. Pre-fall is basically the transition items from summer to fall to ease you and your wardrobe into the new season.

This is where items such as shoes come in to play. Come October it's still hot in Texas. There is basically no such thing as Autumn weather in Texas. So, what's a girl to do?! Wear lovey suede brown lace up sandals of course! These lace up sandals can be carried from summer to fall and be brought out in the spring again. Don't you just love cute investments like that? I sure do!

So, I'm giving some pre-fall vibes in my all-white look.


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