Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Living In The Moment

So, I took a bit of a hiatus…I've been so busy with work that I almost forgot to live outside of work. You know when you go out and all you see are people on their phones all the time? I was beginning to be that person, so I needed to take a little break and just live in the moment. I know I can't be away forever and completely unplugged from the cyber world, so I've learned to multi-task better and enjoy the moment while still being connected. 

I wanted to express this through my clothes, too. Since what you wear normally reflects your personality or emotions, or at least what you're trying to convey…I thought what better to convey this newfound multi-task than a pair of items that normally wouldn't be paired together. At least not in mind. 

I opted for a paisley printed top that has delicate lace-like details and paired the top with my high-waisted super skinny BDG denim that I would normally pair with a more minimalist look. Chucks tied everything together as they're my go-to shoes at the moment. I love the way they can make any outfit more casual whilst still maintaing a minimal chic vibe. 


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