Thursday, January 7, 2016

Winter is Forsure Coming

Kinda confused about the weather with all these high and low temps in the middle of winter?! Don't worry, I'm sure a lot of people are. I am, that's for sure! I'm not necessarily complaining about the warmer winter days, since I wasn't too thrilled about last years dramatic snow/ice fall here in North Texas, but I was definitely looking forward to wearing my nice winter coat this season! Haven't you? And how about those super cute winter accessories that have been teasing you all season and are already marked down?!

Well, you might want to go ahead and purchase those cute gloves or scarf you had your eye on all month long, because the temps are supposed to lower later this month, and even into next month. Maybe we will get our cute winter wear in after all!

I had definitely been eyeing this color-block beanie all month, so naturally when it went on super sale, I just had to have it!

If you'd like to shop what I'm wearing, just click below!

P.S.- the hat is 60% off right now! &  comes in different color variations!


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