Friday, January 15, 2016

How to Wear Flare Denim (baby steps)

Who says flare denim is only for tall slender people? I think anyone can rock the flare trend, especially if you pair them with the correct pieces. 

Here's why you shouldn't be afraid to try flare denim:
  1. It'll give you an amazing shape. The Denim hugs at the waist and thighs, slims your leg down to your knee and then flares out. I think flare denim flatter any body shape or length. 
  2. You can most likely pair almost every top in your closet with flare denim. If you don't believe me stay tuned for what I have in store for my flare denim.
  3. You'll automatically look trendy since flare denim and wide leg pants are making a huge come-back this spring! 

Before I started blogging I would ask people their opinion on certain styles and trends and what people said really mattered. Then, I stopped listening to most of what people used to say and started wearing and putting what I like together. One question I would ask so often was, "do you think I can pull of flare denim?" The response was mostly along the lines of, "probably not, because you're too short." And Id ask people this question, because there was a pair of very expensive flare denim that I just had to have, but I wasn't prepared to spend $$$ on something I wasn't completely sold on. 

I recently fell in love with this pair of flare denim and I got them on sale for under $30.00. Yes, you read that correctly. Not too bad of a price tag for jumping into the flare denim trend, right? Well, that's just one thing I loved about them. I also loved that they hugged at the waist, hips and thighs and then flared out from the knee. I kind of felt like that super cool 1970's girl. The flare denim has a longer inseam than my skinny jeans. This is probably because flare denim seems to be intended to wear with high heeled shoes, taking inspiration from the 1970's platform shoes. If you do not like wearing heels or you prefer to wear flat shoes, I recommend buying a pair of flare denim that already has a shorter inseam. DO NOT get flare denim altered!

Here are some flare denim faves to get you started:

I picked out a darker wash of flare denim so that I can dress up my pair any time I feel like it. It's easier and simpler to dress up darker denim than it is to dress up lighter washed denim. 

HOW TO WEAR FLARE DENIM after you've picked out the perfect pair for yourself! 

  1. Since this is a baby-steps post, let's start with the basics. You want the attention to go to your brand new jeans and the lovely outfit you've created for yourself, since you aren't ready to jump headfirst into the trend. If this is you, pair your flare denim with a form fitting top. Nothing loose, baggy or flowy. I opted for a thin sweater to transition from winter to spring. 
  2. Choose the shoes you want to wear with your outfit. Try not to have your denim dragging on the floor as it will appear sloppy and ruin your jeans after just a couple of wears. 
  3. Be confident! Nothing makes an outfit work more than the attitude you have while wearing it! 

Shop the rest of my look here:


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  1. Thank you for this! I'm 5'2" and want to get flares but it's hard to find some that aren't overwhelming! I love this pair.


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