Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cozy in Bubblegum Pink

Have you thought about bringing  bold, bright colors into your winter wardrobe besides the color red? Well, if you haven’t, here’s why you should consider it.

I used to love the color red for winter, especially before and around the holidays. I still love the color red, in fact any shade of red is my all-time favorite color. Which was why I was so thrilled when Marsalla was announced color of the year for 2015. But, the new colors of the year have been announced and while Marsalla remains a top 10 color for the year 2016,  shades of red will no longer be in style as much as shades of pink or blues.

With that being said, I also never considered wearing a bright bubblegum pink top, or sweater for that matter. When I first saw this bright pink sweater, I immediately thought, “I have to have it!” If the color alone doesn’t get you, the texture definitely will. This sweater is relaxed, but you can certainly dress it up with a playful necklace and some high heels, or dress it down and wear it over some black leggings and riding boots.

The bright pink color has certainly gotten a lot of  positive attention from people as I passed, and people certainly loved it paired with this chunky white scarf and whisky colored otk boots.



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  1. You look absolutely stunning! Love your scarf!


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