Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fidget Free with Tuxe Body Wear

Do you love the put-together look of a tucked in shirt but hate dealing with the shirt constantly fidgeting and getting loose? Well, thanks to TUXE Body Wear, you can get the look without having to deal with the annoyance of tucking a shirt in. Why? Because the shirt I'm wearing is actually a  bodysuit!

So, the next statement or question to pop in your head might be- well, bodysuits don't fit me, because I'm too short, or too tall.  I thought the exact same thing, because all other bodysuits I had tried on never fit me correctly. They would either be too small or way too long for my petite torso. With Tuxe, you dont have to worry about that, because their bodysuits are actually adjustable! And the best part is, you can't even tell that I'm wearing a bodysuit. No outlines are visible through my pants, either. Which was another problem I had run into with wearing bodysuits before.

I wore the bodysuit for an entire day and received multiple compliments on how pretty the color is and how pretty my "shirt" is. The other great thing about the bodysuit I'm wearing is that the front neck tie can be adjusted to your preference and you don't even have to worry about pairing a statement necklace with your outfit, because your bodysuit already does that for you.

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