Monday, August 10, 2015

A short hike to clear your thoughts

Do you ever feel like you just need one day to relax and clear your thoughts, but the thought of staying home or indoors all weekend just makes you more anxious? This is what was going through my mind. I promised my sister that I would go hiking with her, yes, hiking, in 100 degree texas weather. I was starting to rethink it, but I had already promised. So, we made a plan to go hiking early the next morning at Clear Creek. 

I was actually glad that I went. I felt like I was going insane from being home all week, and the heat wasn't making it any better. It's like stepping into an oven once you get outside in the middle of the day. It isn't even comfortable enough to lay by the pool unless the sun is just coming up or going down. Going on this hike was definitely something that I needed. 

It wasn't too bad, after all. Most of the hike was through the woods, so the trees gave shade. We followed the trail and took a couple of loops so that we could see the creek. Some of the trail was still flooded from the rain we had back in April. 

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